I'm Christian Kaubisch.
A Software Architect
from Cologne.

Passionate software architect, engineer, and trainer delivering remarkable solutions and knowledge.

About Me

My name is Christian and I've been fascinated by computers since my childhood. Starting with C64, Amiga and old Pentium computers, my fascination for technology is unbroken.
With an impressive professional experience of more than a decade, my initial hobby of programming has developed into my full-time passion. My career path began with a commercial apprenticeship, followed by a successfully completed master's degree in computer science with a focus on software development. In the course of my career, I have been able to play a significant role in various groundbreaking projects in different industries.
In addition to my work in projects, I took on the role of a Microservice-Trainer and was able to present my expertise to a broad public as a speaker, most recently at the DigtalXchange 2023


With expertise across diverse fields, I am the ideal professional for comprehensive projects. I am adept at handling any challenge with precision and meeting your unique requirements, regardless of complexity.


Software Architecture


DevOps Engineer


Training & Coaching


Agile Mindset

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